Friday, December 11, 2009

The Scoop 11.12.09

Invictus releases worldwide today – It's the big story of the week. Morgan Freeman has been in South Africa this week for premieres in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town. He is playing a round of golf in Cape Town today at Steenberg Golf Estate, to help raise money for charity. He’ll be staying on in SA next week, where special screenings will take place for children from underprivileged communities. He was very gracious and humble during interviews earlier this week.

Morgan Freeman and co-producer Lor McCreary attend the Joburg premiere at Emperor's Palace.

Charlize Theron been getting upset with local fans – I’ve heard Charlize can be a little difficult, but this is not very nice. The Star newspaper reported that a journalist was approached by Charlize and told her she was “very upset” that she had taken photos of her during an event at Silethukukhanya Secondary School near St Lucia. Charlize apparently asked that no photos be taken during the event but people had pulled out their cameras and cellphones to snap pics anyway. The journalist’s camera was taken and the images deleted. 

Miss World and Miss South Africa – these pageants are happening one after the other this weekend. Amid more controversy over how much hosting Miss World is costing the City of Joburg – it’s now gone up to R90 million from R45 million – the pageant takes place on Saturday, then Sunday sees a new Miss South Africa being crowned at Sun City. Current Miss SA Tatum Keshwar will be handing over the title a day before her 26th birthday.

The Sex and the City 2 movie poster has been released – can life get any better?! The second installment of the movie hits the big screen in May next year. I went to the premiere of the movie in London last year – which also released in May. Kim Cattrall (who plays Samantha) has lots of love for South Africa. She’s friends with playwright Janet Suzman and has been talking about coming out her to work on a production with her – wonder if that is still in the pipeline?

The Parlotones have got another huge endorsement – KFC has come on board for the band’s latest music video off their newest album, Stardust Galaxies. The music video makes its debut on TV tonight on etv before 6:30pm. The Parlotones will be heading off to the world’s biggest music trade fair next month – in France. It’s called Midem and SA is going to be a country of honour there. Around 50 other music acts will also be going – like Lira, Kurt Darren and Jozi.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Glamorous Indie Rock 'n Roll

Ask a fan.

A true-blood fan.
An I-own-every-CD-and-the DVD-and-all-the-legal-downloads-too-fan.
A sell-my-soul-to-be-here-kind-of-fan.

You'll find some of them on the DVD of The Killers: Live From Royal Albert Hall. One couple quit their jobs because they couldn't get time off work to be at the recording of the concert. Another saved up for a year to travel from Spain to London for the show. Those are the kind of people you ask about the concert.

Instead I asked others - the so-so-fans. The like-their-early-stuff-only-people. Looking out at the crowd on the first night of the concert in Joburg at the Coca-Cola Dome, I felt the presence of some of these kind of "fans". Many of them just stood there - gaping, not moving much. I moved and found a much better crowd. Afterwards I still felt that I needed to see if everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. I wanted everyone to have been as elated as I was.

Not everyone was. But then I realised I don't really care.

I don't care that many didn't get just what an inspired move it was to start with Joyride on the second night -"When your chips are down, when your highs are low...Joyride" A fitting start to an event that takes you away from the ups and downs of life.

I don't care that others ran out quickly while When You Were Young was playing and they missed the light explosion that lit up the stage and a fire in my soul.

I don't care that you got lost when they started playing songs other than 'Mr Brightside' and 'Human'.

I loved it - and I don't care if you didn't.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Scoop 04.12.09

2010 Fifa World Cup Draw – Cape Town is a buzz at the moment with the likes of all those soccer stars. But of course, I only really care about Charlize Theron and David Beckham – just kidding! Becks has been putting on a brave face after getting the news that his grandfather died while he was in CT. He still went on to inspire underprivileged children in Khayelitsha. “Onse Charlize” has been in high spirits – pulling out an ‘Ireland’ card in a rehearsal for the Draw. It’s only fitting, seeing as her boyfriend Stuart Townsend is a gorgeous Irish guy. SA musicians are getting in on the action too – TKZee before the head off to perform in London are part of the fanfest, along with Flat Stanley, Cassette and Freshlyground.

The Killers are going to wow Cape Town – Joburg audiences have already experienced the magic of the Las Vegas group. They pull out all the stops in the show I’m still on a high from meeting and watching The Killers last night! Those going tonight are going to have a brilliant time - it's filled with soul, energy, great story-telling, goose-bump moments and the hotness that is Brandon Flowers!

Golf fans – and did you know, Mr Flowers is a big one - you can play a game of golf with Morgan Freeman. He’s going to be in town for the premiere of ‘Invictus’ next week. Next Friday he’ll be playing golf in aid of three local charities – including the Nelson Mandela Foundation. If you have R50 000 to donate to a good cause – and want to meet and play a round with an Oscar-winning star – head over to for the details. There are also fourballs for sale for R15 000.

The Tiger Woods scandal just gets worse and worse – a number of South Africans have compared him to Joost van der Westhuizen but in a sense this is so much more salacious. Here is a world-revered icon who has kept his life very private and controlled and now things seem to be coming apart. Like Joost though, he doesn’t seem to be speaking truthfully from the start. He issued a statement saying he was sorry for hurting his family but he hasn’t exactly apologized for having an affair (or two). Oh, and the voice message he’s reported to have left on one of his mistress’s phones has been made into a You Tube hit called ‘Slow Jam.’

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