Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Day I Met Sarah Jessica Parker

So in response to Trinny in Dubai's request, I thought I'd relive some great (or not so) interview moments. This one has to do with my ultimate of ultimates - well, for now, that is. It's when I was in London last year to attend the Sex and the City movie premiere and interview the cast of the hit series. It was like I had died and gone to Series Heaven.

I spent a fortune on my credit card to make sure I looked good in front of Patricia Field, the costume designer, as well as - of course - the fab four. I also got to speak to director Michael Patrick King; he was my first of the day ;-)

So, you get literally 5 minutes to interview each person. Chatting to him was great - he's a nice enough guy who tried to put on his best South African accent. It was endearing. Next up was Sarah Jessica - the woman I had been dying to meet. I had vowed I would be professional (as I am) and charming (as I am).

I had just interviewed MPK, and walked into the room where SJP was. I said hi, she said hi; I sat down, she wriggled in her chair. I switched on my equipment...and nothing. It would not go on. I wish I could say I froze, that would have been better, but no, it - that unreliable thing of technology - froze and it was not budging. I felt a slight panic enter my speech.

"I am terribly sorry about this, but my equipment seems to be acting up", I said, with a great big frown on my face.
"Oh that's okay, take your time," she said, as her publicist glared down at me.
I was horrified.
"No, it's not okay" I replied.
"Look," she answered back, "there are worse things in the world. Have you watched the News lately?"
I felt terrible, not only was my equipment stuck, but she was being nice about it.
"You can go and fix it and then come back."
"Okay," I said sheepishly as I picked myself and my can't-really-afford-it dress up and walked away.

Turns out the batteries just needed to be taken out and put back in again. That, for some reason, appeased my IPE (Irritating Piece of Equipment). When I went back in, it was like we went way back. And not because I had been stalking her in her apartment or favourite coffee shop or anything like that...why, never!

"Hi again," she smiled, twirling her hair.
"Sigh," I thought to myself. "Carrie Bradshaw really is my friend".

Of course, once it was over, my "friend" went back to her Hollywood life and I went back to Benoni.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fergie et al

The Duchess of York let me down. Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie, aka the One who has the Toe-Sucking Fetish. Was due to interview Fergie 'cause she's teamed up with Martin Scorsese (yeah, you read right) as co-producers on a film about Queen Victoria, that stars The Devil Wears Prada's Emily Blunt. The interview was scheduled two days before, also got a call two hours before to say all was on track. But 6:15pm came and went. And so, it seems, did Fergie. Who does she think she is - Royalty? Haha ;)

But it did make me think about some of the other telephonic interviews I've done that have been memorable...

Julio Iglesias

Me: "...so Julio, you're still going strong after all these years, and now, you have a new baby, how do you manage it all.."
Julio (in his suave Spanish accent): "You think I am old, hey Nadia? I am not old. I swim 5 kilometres everyday in the Ocean. Naked."
Me, blushing through the phone: "Um. I am sure you do..."

Sir Ben Kingsley

Scene-setter: While waiting for Sir Ben Kingsley to call my landline, my cellphone rings.
Me: (finishing a conversation with someone else, so half talking into the phone)"...yeah, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did wish you were drowning in a pool of your own blood. Hello?"
SBK (in a fine British accent): "Hi, is this Naadia?"
Me: "Yes. Ohhh, is this Sir Ben Kingsley?"
SBK: "Yes, it is."
Me: "Um, Sir Ben...Mr Kingsley, I mean Sir Kingsley, mister..."
SBK: "You can call me Ben."
Me: "Oh, really? Okay, then. Um, I need to record the interview so please can I ask you to call me back on the landline, Sir Ben. I mean Ben."

The Cop from the Village People (then again, could have been the Policeman, he wasn't that distinguishable.)

Me: "So you're celebrating 30 years as as group and are bringing the celebrations to South Africa - what are you most looking forward to?"
Him: "Yes."

Okay then.

Hmmm, wonder how memorable Fergie on the phone would have been?