Monday, October 18, 2010

U2 360 Degree Tour Confirmed for SA!

So we knew this was in the pipeline but as good, law-abiding citizens over here in Newsville, we like to make sure the I's and T's on the contracts are all dotted and crossed before we start getting as excited as we should be for one of the biggest concerts of our time!

This stage from the band's concert in Barcelona is the same one that will be used in Joburg and Cape Town next year.

The two dates in South Africa took many years to confirm. Organisers Big Concerts say the world-class stadiums in Cape Town and Joburg sealed the deal. The size of this tour will be unlike anything we've seen here before: 150 containers will be shipped in, with 120 of those being transported back and forth between Cape Town and Joburg. The stage itself is 190-feet-high, weighing 180 tonnes. Then there are the fans: 100 000 people can fill the FNB Stadium standing, with about 56 000 in the Cape Town Stadium. And you can be sure these shows will most certainly sell out!

U2 play Joburg and Cape Town on the 13th and 18th of February, respectively. Tickets go on sale this Saturday.


Oh, how we love you! It was so good to be transported back to a time when bassists spoke an incomprehensible language and dressed up in pink fishnet stockings at Friday night's reunion gig in Joburg.

Ta-da-taaah, ta-da-taaaaah!

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Boo!'s latest album The Three of Us is out now.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to The Arch

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu turns 79 today. He announced two months ago that he would be retiring on his birthday, and there are some great pieces that have been published, reflecting on his legacy here and here.

I've always loved covering events that The Arch attended because he just has such a wonderful personality (and makes for great radio with his jokes and charm!) This photo was taken at his 75th birthday celebration at the Sandton Convention Centre - where Samuel L Jackson, Santana and Alfre Woodard came to join in the fun (and fundraising).

And this right here - from the World Cup Kickoff Celebration Concert in June - is one of the reasons why he is so loved:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Die Antwoord - Part Two

A few posts ago, I expressed my ambiguious feelings about Die Antwoord where I said I was hoping the group would stick around long enough for me to make up my mind about how I felt about them. Much has happened since then, namely that the band signed a major deal with Interscope Records, home of Lady Gaga and Eminem. They're committed to 5 albums so have to be around for at least that long.

On Saturday night the group performed at the Bassline before heading back overseas on the second part of their world tour. They also previewed the music video for their new single, Evil Boy, which features a young Xhosa rapper called Wanga, as well as a whole lot of penises. These made their way onto the stage too - see Exhibit A and B below.

The video is as controversial as you'd expect from a group that uses the words "poes" and "naai" as easily as "please" and "thank you". But the track is slick and US producer Diplo has worked in his magic into a tale about circumcision and "big loving". It's as hot as Die Antwoord's stage show, which is filled with non-stop energy, fast raps and great costume changes. Oh, yeah, and Ninja's prosthetic District 9 limb. He showed me later the D9 tattoo inscribed on the inside of his bottom lip. Fans to the max!

As for me, I had fun and that's that. I think I am going to stop over-analysing the band too much. Although I am still intrigued by things like meeting an American girl who has flown over here just to watch the band because she's "seen everything else out there, from dubstep to industrial, and there's nothing like Die Antwoord".

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hungry Like the Wolf

Duran Duran have been working with Mark Ronson, cooking up a new album, called All You Need is Now. It's almost ready to be released, and lead singer Simon Le Bon says they will be premiering tracks from it when they tour South Africa in December. It's been 17 years since the group last performed here.

Duran Duran play Durban at the International Convention Centre (ICC) on 7th December 2010, Johannesburg at Carnival City, Big Top Arena on the 8th and 9th December 2010, and Cape Town's GrandWest Grand Arena on 11th and 12th December 2010.